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Jan. 1, 2012


ramrodwilly, KRSD


(x=-5002, y=+65, z=-629)


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Wippit began with the journey to find a suitable place for the Redstone Learning Center (RLC). While the RLC ultimately found its home elsewhere, KRSD's discovery of an unusual amount of pink sheep and ramrodwilly's discovery of three NPC villages within close proximity to each other were too intriguing to pass up. KRSD and ramrodwilly surrounded the three NPC villages with walls to "protect" the villagers, and set up home and portal in the central village.

An extensive network of mineshafts exists underneath the vast majority of Wippit. Furthermore, ravines run throughout the continent and nearly every biome is less than a day's travel from Wippit. Acethe5th also uses Wippit's portal, traveling to and from their home using an underground passageway. The passageway's entrance can be found underneath a bridge near the portal (making Acethe5th the "troll under the bridge").

Wippit's flag is an image of an NPC's face.


  • Do not kill NPCs or golems; breed animals first to replace any animals you kill for resources.
  • You may shear sheep, but do not dye them as owners would like them to stay their natural colors.
    Founding of Wippit (22 Pink Sheep!)

    Founding of Wippit (22 Pink Sheep!)

    Founding of Wippit (Pink Sheep!)

  • You may harvest sugarcane, wheat, and melons as long as you replant.
  • Do not build within the cobble-walled area, as there are plans for it.
  • Any other questions, PM ramrodwilly or KRSD on the forums.


Wippit is currently a work in progress. The focus of Wippit has shifted from a massive NPC village to a large marketplace where NPCs of each profession are available to the server.

Wippit's current development program includes the following projects:

1. Security   COMPLETE
   Constructing a wall around Wippit and lighting all of the area within.
2. "Honeymoon" Village   COMPLETE
   Building a village where NPCs can trade their "goods" with each other.
3. Marketplace   IN PROGRESS
   Building profession-specific trading centers north of Wippit.
4. Shipping   IN PROGRESS
   Constructing a railway and transporting current NPCs and future residents of "Honeymoon" Village to the

5. Farms   IN PROGRESS
   Placing farm plots from which players can gather trading materials..

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