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January 2012






(x=+3800, y=+64, z=-3600)




Winter Wonderland

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Current Project(s):

Roadway/Railway Bridge (Suspended)
Frozen Lighthouse / Watchtower (Suspended)

Weisswald (Weißwald) Outpost, established in January 2012, is a town founded by Darth_Chaos7. The main purpose of the outpost was to establish a town in a region that, at the time, was secluded from other communities, in order to be a trading center for any other further communities. Not much was established beyond that location, until B.E.N. City and Metal Gear was created. The other purpose was to build a "winter wonderland"-themed small town focused around that of snow and forests. The pine forest that make up the town were completely terraformed manually by the founder and are not indigenous to the tundra island.

No residents or members, aside that of the founder, are part of the community as of August 9, 2013.

A roadway / railway bridge has been a work-in-progress connecting Weisswald Outpost to B.E.N. City since May 2012, and as of August 9, 2013, the foundation has been completed and the B.E.N. City to Weisswald Outpost Railway Station rail is completed, but the town lacks the iron to complete the other side of the rail itself.

As the town contains no working portal presently, the quickest route is to use the portal for B.E.N. City in the portal hub and to follow the transit bridge east.

The town contains a greenhouse containing a wheat, melon, pumpkin, sugar cane, and cacti farm. The town also has an established vertical mineshaft, Aratameru Shaft. An underground resource storage was built behind the Outpost / Town Hall saved for the purposes of trading and public use for any town residents. Some resources, such as Gold and Diamonds are designated for private or permitted use only by the town leaders.

The area directly north of the Railway Station is desginated for any residencies and the bay south and valley west of the station is designated for any future commercial / trading buildings.


The rules are established by a sign in the Outpost / Town Hall in the second story.

  • Do not chop down trees without permission / designation or without replacing them.


  • Outpost / Town Hall: The main outpost and official town center of Weisswald Outpost. It is two stories tall, with the top story containining a Nether portal and a template for a portal connecting to the portal hub that is currently out-of-service.
  • Railway Station: A two-story railway station connection the transit bridge to B.E.N. City.
  • Darth_Chaos7's Cabin: The only known resident/private property as of the time of writing. It is owned by Darth_Chaos7 and is two-stories tall.


  • Roadway / Railway Transit Bridge (In Progress) : A transit bridge built to connect Weisswald Outpost to B.E.N. City and potentially other future communities. It is in progress, mainly mining for iron for completion of the other half of the rail.
  • Frozen Lighthouse / Watchtower (Suspended): A lighthouse and watertower for the East Bay. It's only partly finished and is currently suspended from continued work for the time being.


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