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This article was written in world 2.0. We are now on world 3.0, thus Tortuga is being rebuilt as New Tortuga. Leader of that community is Fond3ll .Edit

Tortuga is one of the oldest communities on the new map. It was founded by CaptainCrook, Bubba145 and myself, Dehietyi. Initially the concept was more of a band of fellow minecrafters that were going to set out on the new map with the ideology of exploration and to help communities find new locations; whilst being piratey. After some initial discussion we decided to found a community of our own and call it Tortuga.

Captain Crook was our initial leader who helped in finding our location and bringing people together to set up the community. Due to unforseen circumstances he relinquished control of Tortuga and placed it in my hands. I assure you there was no mutiny involved. I have, in the subsequent months since his departure, done my best to ensure his vision has been carried out with respect and dedication. I can honestly say that we have a rather tight-knit group in Tortuga.

As I have stated already we are a pirate themed community; however that is not to say that we act like pirates. I can speak for all of the members of Tortuga when I say we lend hands to other people and communities on the server. I myself am a member of several of these communities and have helped out countless people with their personal projects.

Tortuga is a themed community and as such, any builds, especially in the immediate town, should be pirate themed. That is not to say that I have, at one time or another, built something out of theme. I have never turned down anyone wanting to be a member nor have I disapproved of a build from a member. There have been instances where we would brainstorm to improve a build (some of our best builds have come out of these sessions) but I encourage people to build what they want. The only thing I ask of members (especially in the core town) is that if you want to build something that you let me know what and where.

We were the first community to get an above ground portal (see below for pic) and I am rather proud of that. If you have any interest in joining our band of miscreants or have any questions I encourage you to contact either Lyca Nnoi, Bubba145 or myself. We are an accommodating bunch and will be more than happy to help you get set up. The same goes for any touring. there is a lot to see in Tortuga and I can assure you that you will miss some cleverly hidden things that only a few of us know about.


Tortuga's Portal

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