StephasaurRAWR (formly known as Sfatkid), is a member of the Minecraft Awesome Community. StephasaurRAWR is often referred to simply as Steph, which happens to be her "afk" name. 

She is famous for her entry line to the Minecraft Awesome Server, which is "RAWR!!". RAWR means "I love you" in dinosaur.
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StephasaurRAWR is the prettiest dinosaur.

StephasaurRAWR is well known around the server for her skin. Her normal skin is a girl in a dinosaur suit. But she has a few skins she uses.     

Steph is one of the notable members of The Edge Community. Her work can be seen all over The Edge and she is known as the Minister of Dinosaur Affairs. Before the Edge she was a quiet hermit, who spent most of her time with her two brothers. Ulfgar_R and SirAndris.

Steph was minecraft fiancé to TheCrou and were supposed to be wed, but she was left at the alter (this was planned). They have established a wonderful house together in Edge Prime, with their trusty dog PuppyAce. With her fiancé she owns an island called RAWR. 

Steph has helped on various build challenges, but her most famous efforts are for the Sesame Street Build in Halloween 2012 and Derpasaur for Valentines.

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