To log into Minecraft AWESOME! Server, you have to type in the server IP address.

When a new user first logs into the server, he/she is placed at the Spawn Point. A user is encouraged to join a community that one can see fitting to the user's style. To join a community, you can take a look at the list of communities and talk to the community leaders in person.

Things To DoEdit

Server RulesEdit

Every user on the server is required to abide the server rules.

  1. Do not bug Fraser.
  2. Do not ask the mods questions that Google or the forums can answer.
  3. If it is not yours, don't alter it, take it or destroy it.
  4. Don't be a dick and dont harass others. Keep chat PG-13.
  5. Do not alter challenge builds or the Hub.
  6. Repair the holes caused by creepers pursuing you.
  7. You are responsible for any actions taken with your account (i.e. if a friend has access to your minecraft account, you are held responsible for his/her actions on the server).
  8. Do not build within 500 blocks of another build without permission.
  9. Do not spam the chat.
  10. Don't look for loopholes in the rules.
  11. No game-changing mods like x-ray or fly allowed on the server.
  12. Do not build structures that cause lag, especially grinders.

Notice: The actual rules can change at any time, so do not forget to check the rules in-game by using the "/rules" command.

If you are uncertain about any rules, such as which mods would be considered "game-changing", it is best to ask the moderators first on the forums before attempting to use them on the server. Also, a moderator will not teleport you unless you are legitimately stuck due to a glitch (i.e. trapped above the upper bedrock layer in the Nether, stranded on a floating obsidian block in The End, etc).

Server CommandsEdit

The following commands are available to all users:

  • /rules: displays the server rules.
  • /list: displays the users who are currently logged in.
  • /kill: kills the user who typed it.
  • /spawn: goes back to the old spawn point when stuck (only effective in Old World).

Server CoordinatesEdit

Coordinates are used when a Minecraft user needs to tell the location of a certain place in the map to other users. Coordinates consist of three numbers, each of which represent X, Y and Z value respectively. For example, the location of the Portal Hub is (x=+3354, y=+64, z=+7934). X and Z relate to your horizontal position, while Y relates to your height. To see your current location, press F3 key in game and look at the part shown by the yellow box in the figure.

2012-05-26 15.03.39

The status screen. The yellow box shows where the three number of coordinates are displayed.


World BorderEdit

In order to maintain a reasonable proximity across communities as well as limit the server load, the world area is currently limited to the area from (x=-13000,z=-13000) to (x=+13000,z=+13000). The border was expanded then Minecraft update 1.2 was released.

Server RestartsEdit

The server reboots itself several times a day. Rebooting is scheduled at {0,4,8,12,16,20}:20 EST. After rebooting, usually it takes several minutes for users to be able to log in.

TODO: backup schedule?

Server MapEdit

A isomorphic world map can be seen at It is currently provided by the server moderators with a portal overlay maintained by Euske. The server map is updated once a day, around 2AM PST.

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