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June 2011




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Hub B1F

About PundoraEdit

It's not always a breeze to catch wind of Pundora, but those who visit are never disappointed. Located on the scenic shores of Octo-ocean just South East of Neo Japan, Pundora Has a little something for everyone.

Close by you'll find desert, forest, winter, and plenty of fishing opportunities for those long weekend getaways you so dearly need in your dull and drab day to day life. Looking for an ink sack? Pundora has it for you. Need some glass? Take pleasure in Pundora's off shore desert biome. And don't think you'll be having any shortages of wood, because Pundora is a pretty sexy place full of trees.

You can find the portal to Pundora in the Hub Central Junction B.


Pundora is the air-headed brainchild of Zokuru, or Zoku as he is sometimes called. Here you'll find his modest dwelling, a few simple mine shafts, and his stables where he raises and cares for his animal friends before eating them. Take a relaxing stay in his luscious arboretum and admire the trees, enjoy his gardens and perhaps ask him to reap from the land what he has sown to provide you with a good meal. Most of all, bask in the complete and utter glory of the Parthenon, Zoku's true dwelling and life's work. At the time of writing, the Parthenon is yet to be completed, but in the near future it shall become a standing testament to his glory.

"Zoku is weird." -- totalnonsense989 2012

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