Pumpkin Harbor
Pumpkin Harbor




Mar. 2012




(x=+801, y=+69, z=+8705)


Hub 5F


Spooky / Creepy (Halloween, Day of the Dead, etc)


Forum Thread

New Community: Pumpkin Harbor

Pumpkin Harbor is a Minecraft community run by Khroal.

Pumpkin Harbor was a idea meant to be something that hadn't been seen that often. As no one had had this idea for a community outside of the assorted Halloween challenge build, (As far as Khroal was aware) he decided to build this community.

As things stand, the area is pretty empty. There is a HUGE abandoned mineshaft beneath everything full of rich, harvestable materials. It is mostly all lit up, but there are a few sections that need torches.

Current project is to finish public housing known as "The Vertigo Slums." The premise of it is a mirror of sorts. Houses have been built normally on the ground level. From there, a literal mirror image of the town will be placed on the ceiling, upsidedown. The majority of the houses on the bottom floor have been built. The wool placed on the horizon surrounding the premisise has been completed as well. Large amounts of netherrack will be needed to encase the wool in a box as well as dark green wool to provide the illusion of grass on the ceiling.

Anyone who wishes to help is more than welcome. Feel free to contact Khroal in game or on the forums.

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