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Jan. 2014


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Minecraft Awesome 3rd World Rules and Primer

IMPORTANT: This page is currently under construction (testing is needed for certain aspects).

Portal Hub is both the Spawn Point of the 3rd World and the main method of getting about the server. When a person first spawns, they must read all of the rules posted on the signs around them. After climbing higher in the tower, a player will reach the Community Chest area. This is a location where anyone can donate or withdraw items from any chest. Food, weapons, potions, enchants, etc. New players can generally find what they need to survive long enough to set up their own home out in the world there. At the top of the towers are important portals that will take a player to special locations, such as the Nether, Wither Arena, 2nd World, and the Hub Map.

Hub MapEdit

The Hub Map is a representation of our 20,000 by 20,000 block world, wherein every block on the map represents 125 blocks in the world. This is the main method of travel. Placed evenly are pillars that will take a player to coordinates that are a multiple of 2,000x and 2,000z. Signs placed on the map represent a claim by another player or group. To claim land, please visit this topic: Hub Map Claiming Thread. Below is a representation of the 3rd World, similar to the Hub Map. Clicking on an area of the map will take you lower on this page to a list of claims in that area.

A1 -10-8x -10-8zA2 -8-6x -10-8zA3 -6-4x -10-8zA4 -4-2x -10-8zA5 -2-0x -10-8zA6 +0+2x -10-8zA7 +2+4x -10-8zA8 +4+6x -10-8zA9 +6+8x -10-8zA10 +8+10x -10-8z
B1 -10-8x -8-6zB2 -8-6x -8-6zB3 -6-4x -8-6zB4 -4-2x -8-6zB5 -2-0x -8-6zB6 +0-2x -8-6zB7 +2+4x -8-6zB8 +4+6x -8-6zB9 +6+8x -8-6zB10 +8+10x -8-6z
C1 -10-8x -6-4zC2 -8-6x -6-4zC3 -6-4x -6-4zC4 -4-2x -6-4zC5 -2-0x -6-4zC6 +0+2x -6-4zC7 +2+4x -6-4zC8 +4+6x -6-4zC9 +6+8x -6-4zC10 +8+10x -6-4z
D1 -10-8x -4-2zD2 -8-6x -4-2zD3 -6-4x -4-2zD4 --4-2x -4-2zD5 -2-0x -4-2zD6 +0+2x -4-2zD7 +2+4x -4-2zD8 +4+6x -4-2zD9 +6+8x -4-2zD10 +8+10x -4-2z
E1 -10-8x -2-0zE2 -8-6x -2-0zE3 -6-4x -2-0zE4 -4-2x -2-0zE5 -2-0x -2-0zE6 +0+2x -2-0zE7 +2+4x -2-0zE8 +4+6x -2-0zE9 +6+8x -2-0zE10 +8+10x -2-0z
F1 -10-8x +0+2zF2 -8-6x +0+2zF3 -6-4x +0+2zF4 -4-2x +0+2zF5 -2-0x +0+2zF6 +0+2x +0+2zF7 +2+4x +0+2zF8 +4+6x +0+2zF9 +6+8x +0+2zF10+8+10x +0+2z
G1 -10-8x +2+4zG2 -8-6x +2+4zG3 -6-4x +2+4zG4 -4-2x +2+4zG5 -2-0x +2+4zG6 +0+2x +2+4zG7 +2+4x +2+4zG8 +4+6x +2+4zG9 +6+8x +2+4zG10 +8+10x +2+4z
H1 -10-8x +4+6zH2 -8-6x +4+6zH3 -6-4x +4+6zH4 -4-2x +4+6zH5 -2-0x +4+6zH6 +0+2x +4+6zH7 +2+4x +4+6zH8 +4+6x +4+6zH9 +6+8x +4+6zH10 +8+10x +4+6z
I1 -10-8x +6+8zI2 -8-6x +6+8zI3 -6-4x +6+8zI4 -4-2x +6+8zI5 -2-0x +6+8zI6 +0+2x +6+8zI7 +2+4x +6+8zI8 +4+6x +6+8zI9 +6+8x +6+8zI10 +8+10x +6+8z
J1 -10-8x +8+10zJ2 -8-6x +8+10zJ3 -6-4x +8+10zJ4 -4-2x +8+10zJ5 -2-0x +8+10zJ6 +0+2x +8+10zJ7 +2+4x +8+10zJ8 +4+6x +8+10zJ9 +6+8x +8+10zJ10 +8+10x +8+10z

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