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Old Rock at cockcrow

Old Rock






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Western films

Old Rock was the very first Minecraft AWESOME build challenge in the Old World. It had a western theme and was made up of an Old West town with many inns and bars. Many in-jokes to western films were made. At the same time, mellisbaker had a recreation of Armadillo from Red Dead Redemption built separately from the main build area.

Builds Edit

  • Telegraphist Office by Birdston
  • Wagon by Bonefoot
  • Town Bank by MrChrisMad
  • 47drift's Steakhouse and Batcave by 47drift
  • Windmill by TheIronNerd
  • Ol' Bill's Ranch by Threeshades
  • Gunsmith by SirLoopyKid
  • Mine Worker Lodge by Tim1000064
  • Old Rock Station by sparatuvs
  • Restaurant Walle by Wallen89
  • Tombstone Inn
  • Harle's Stable House by harlequinnqueen
  • The CrapShed by Xidos
  • The Biff Tannery by tinystarofparis
  • Kinver's Fancy Linens
  • "Kill These Horses Dead" Gamble house by florianizer
  • Yealow's Dinner and a Show
  • Dragriff's Barber shop
  • Rusty McKong's Food and Drink by KongFu and BlusterKong
  • Odd Fellow's Rest Graveyard by Ramblingdude
  • UberCritic Tavern
  • Bonefoot Origninal (gallows) by sparatuvs
  • State Marshall Liamari's house
  • Shooting gallery by Itswhywegame
  • Nickmaster's New-Fangled Place of Photography by nickmaster2007
  • Fort Mercer by Xidos
  • Old Rock Bath house by Zipothethird
  • The Late Brave Bonefoot upon his steed Glitternose by tinystarofparis
  • Old western Camp Fire (with pool)
  • Old Rock Bakery by Dragriff
  • McBain's house from Once Upon a Time in the West by Bonefoot
  • Barber by aqws3
  • Harequinns Sorrowful Funeral home by harlequinnqueen
  • Gunsmith & Metalworking by RetroMike
  • Outhouse
  • Good, the Bad and the Ugly graveyard
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    "Completely innocent non-opium den store room"

  • Gold Rush River OF GOOOOOOOOLD by MadSpaceCow
  • Mr_Squibbles Courthouse
  • American flag by MrChrisMad
  • Tokivon's "DRUGS"tore (opium den)
  • "Someone's poisoned the water hole" by [[w:c:ffsfan:LTRolf|LTRolf
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  • Obeth Marsh Shop of Questinobel Goods
  • Old Rock Orphange by DaftBot
  • Lumber Mill
  • Relkin's Wagon
  • Dane Jerrus's Abandoned House
  • The Old Rock Town Inn by Bruneo
  • Old Mission Church by SageSaga
  • SopTheTurtle's Mexican Sand Style Bar
  • Old Bastard Ranch by Driwer
  • Sparatuvs Music & TNT shop
  • General Goods Store by nhd09
  • Beldin's Booze & Brothel
  • Cactus Wine Saloon by caffeineadvocate
  • Tools
  • Bandito Mines
  • Moonshine distillery by trivialtom
  • A pointless jail
  • Town hall from Back to the Future Part III
  • Toxicninja Bounty hunters office
  • Telegraph Shack
  • Jim West's Leather Boot Store
  • Old Rock Ranger station 1 by Sparatuvs (Modified by Vordex)
  • Old West Library Lounge by Dave Gower
  • Water Tower by Toxicninja and WardTimmermans
  • Joke graveyard
  • Telegraph Office by BGCorporation, Ramza and Vordox
  • Old Rock Doctor's Office
  • Old Rock Church
  • Toty Brown's Blacksmith
  • Drunken's Old west Watering hole
  • Unfinished Oil Well from There Will Be Blood by aughts
  • Bandit Hideaway
  • The Delorean from Back to the Future Part III
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    Old Rock flag from one of the several Squares.

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