New Sprite City
New Sprite City


Open to Build


Dec. 2011


UmJammerSully, Dia90, cassaclyzm, Dehietyi


(x=-1795, y=+76, z=+1143)




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New Sprite City!

New Sprite City, founded by Umjammersully as a revival of Sprite City from the Old World, is an area where people can freely build sprites as long as the person obeys the rules. It is not a community where a person can join and live there. Instead, it is a special site, where multiple sprites are located and being built.

While sprites exist in numerous other areas and communities, New Sprite City contains most of the server's art. If a player wishes to build a piece (or a few), they should consider adding their work(s) to the ever-growing collection.

"Sprites" can represent any number of images besides video game characters. A prime example of this is "Trollface Fraser" by cassaclyzm:

Trollface Fraser

Trollface Fraser by cassaclyzm


1) BUILD along the pathways, at least 20 blocks back.

2) You have ONE MONTH to build, or lose your spot!

3) If the SIZE of your sprite is bigger than 64 blocks in ANY DIRECTION, you *must* contact Sprite Admins first! (For example, the Red Haired Woman is 64 high.) Sprites SMALLER than 64x64 need NO permission! Build away!

4) TORCH and CREDIT your sprites!

If you have any problems or questions (or if you'd simply like some Sprite Advice) contact the Sprite Admins!


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