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New Mobius is a community started by JimboJJ26 that is still in its planning phase. Currently, it consists of one member, The Founder, and his base of operations. It's current appearance borrows elements from Green Hill Zone and other themes based on the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Current FeaturesEdit

JimboJJ26's House: This is my primary home, themed after Green Hill Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog (c. 1991). The checkerboard pattern that forms most of the walls is made from pumpkins and brown wool.

Green Hill Dam: This is a small wooden dam located near the New Mobian Portal which acts as a barrier between the river located in the area and the bay.

New Mobian Farms: This is an expanding farm area consisting of plots of land growing wheat, pumpkins, and sugarcane. There is also a rudimentary sheep pen.

Sonic CD Special Stage #2: This is a recreation of the aformentioned special stage from Sonic the hedgehog CD (c. 1993) for the Sega/Mega CD. It is a 56 by 56 map located in the ocean near New Mobius Island.

NPC Village Project: This is a project focused on the expansion and growth of an NPC Village to the Northwest of New Mobius.

The Future is Now!Edit

With the beginning of the Third World came the founding of Mobius Alpha, a project in essentially the same vein as New Mobius. Mobius Alpha is a member of the Empyrean Alliance, whose roots also date back to the Second World.

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