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GhostxDragon, Sheepmatty


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Ground Portal - Tokyo Tower




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Forum Thread


Neo Japan is a community which features all sorts of Japanese builds, from anime, manga and video games to food and culture. Anyone is welcomed to join the community as long as they share a common interest in any part of Japanese culture.

The community has lots of builds from a variety of different anime such as Dective Conan, One Piece, Panty & Stocking and Fairy Tail. Some highlights within the communtiy are; The Daten City Church from Panty and Stocky with Gaterbelt (a.k.a The Chruch of Ben), Mt. Silver from Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal, a giant Domo-kun Statue, Pokemon Stadium, The Fairy Tail Guild Hall, Tokyo Tower, Nookington's, the Mouri Detective Office, the Kurain Channeling Temple as well as the Five Main Gundam's from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing whom guard the communities main gate!

The Pixel Art area is always growing and filled to the brim with the best Anime and Japanese Gaming Sprites around.

Neo Japan is very proud of its members and honours it's main contributors on Statue Island.

If you're interested in joining the community, just talk to one of the active members of the community, and they'll set you up. The HQ is accessable from the Neo Japan Portal hub called; Neo Japan Central. Also If you need a tour of Neo Japan reach Tatsuya Fox. If you decide to Join the community you can rest in our hotel while you wait for plot of land to build you house. 


While Neo Japan at one time had as much as four leaders, GhostxDragon today remains as the only one of the four elites. In June 2013, a new management was elected to support the growing community. GhostxDragon remained in charge as emperor to reflect his stature as founder. Sheepmatty was elected prime minister to run things, while GhostxDragon still has final word on important issues. A cabinet was also appointed by the prime minister.

Emperor - GhostxDragon

Prime Minister - Sheepmatty

Minister of Pixel Art - Tatsuya_Fox

Minister of Agriculture (farming) - KawaiiOddish


  • No griefing or stealing (duh).
  • Not counting your house, all builds must be Japanese-related. (Sorry, no Avatar builds)
  • Video Game builds are fine as long as they are Japanese in origin.
  • Pixel Art must be built in its designated area.
  • Big builds (more than 50 x 50) must be approved by a community leader.
  • No hentai! Let's keep this kid friendly.
  • Torch it! Light up your build to prevent mobs.


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