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Neko Project


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Mar. 9 2012




(x=-7999, y=+65, z=+4809)


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Neko Project
The Neko Project Returns

The Neko Project, officially announced March 9th, 2012, is a large-scale build managed by Commissioner Nekoevangeline. Details of the build have been kept a secret for the most part, to the point that even the builders do not know what will come next until Neko informs them. Neko tends to announce the start-dates of the next Phase ahead of time and likes to stream it, making this somewhat both a project and a server event.

While some prep-work and recruiting had been occurring beforehand, the date the development began is March 12, 2012. After the completion of Phases 1 and 2, there was a small break to wait for the 1.2 update.

The project was temporarily revived on April 12, 2012 to recruit help with adding a little more to what was previously constructed. A ceiling was created for the builds and the space above that filled with water except for a 3x3 hole to use as an entrance.

The development was paused for a short while again, until Neko's next Phase began on June 2nd, 2012. This phase involved leveling part of the landscape and building at least the framework for a giant obsidian spire.


Phase 1: Excavation COMPLETE
     Fill in a 64x64 chunk of the ocean, then dig to

Phase 2: Construction COMPLETE
     Construct a few withered trees, a small intersection of
     short avenues, a church, and a few small barracks.

Phase 3: Covering COMPLETE
     Create a ceiling and fill in the space above with water, except for a small 3x3 funnel leading to the bottom.
Phase 4: Additonal Touches IN PROGRESS
     Construct a military academy, fill in the church, help with "secret project", and "naturalize" the walls.
Phase 5: Spire IN PROGRESS
     Level part of the mountain and construct a large obsidian spire.



Phase 1's Pit

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