NIMYANNA is a member of the Minecraft Awesome Community. He is one of the more notable members of The Edge.

NIMYANNA is most famously known for having a kick-ass beard within the Edge community. He, like his best friend Arcalius, gets along with anyone he encounters.

Nimyanna generally builds with Arcalius, but when it comes to build challenges, he is a part of the Razor's Edge build team, which consists of NIMYANNA, Arcalius and Acevil .

The first build for Razor’s Edge was Zeal for the Sky Build Challenge, for which NIMYANNA did most of the design.

Other notable builds by NIMYANNA, are the designs in the lobby of the Spleef arena , and the front of the Arena in Olympics Build.


Nimyanna in Spleef battle.

NIMYANNA also participated in Spleef during the Minecraft Awesome Olympics.

NIMYANNA, along with Arcalius , also found in a small community known as Lambda. When they originally joined the server, this was where they lived. In fact, if it wasn’t for Nimyanna, Arcalius would most likely never have joined this server.

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