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IMPORTANT: This wiki is under reconstruction to make room for the 3rd World. Some previously functional links may be broken after renaming and editing. Please inform KRSD via VGA PM if this is the case. Furthermore, please keep in mind that some edits are only temporary and will be cleaned up over time, so bear with us.

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About the Wiki[edit | edit source]

Minecraft AWESOME Wiki is about the users and communities of Minecraft AWESOME! Server. This wiki is written by the server users. Any player from the server is welcomed to create or edit articles, or upload pictures.

Notice: This wiki focuses on the gameplay aspect of the Minecraft server. For the show-related stuff, please refer to the FFS Fan Wiki page.

Disclaimer: Minecraft AWESOME Wiki is not affiliated with, licensed or endorsed by FFSTV and the server moderators.

Guidelines[edit | edit source]

  • Please create a wiki account before making edits in order to keep track of who-does-what.
  • Do not edit any page except your own profile or community unless given permission by an admin or the people relevant.
  • Please try to refrain from adding tons trivial information and a long autobiographical section to your pages.
  • Try not to be a braggart. Other people can view your profile after all, so practicing humility and modesty is wise.
  • Do not insult or complain about other players or communities on this wiki.

About the Server[edit | edit source]

Minecraft AWESOME! Server is hosted by FFSTV (wiki). It is whitelisted and open to Turbo Club members. Currently the server is the second generation as it was upgraded from the older server. It has hundreds of active users and several dozens of communities. The server is administered by a group of Moderators, and a discussion forum is provided for communities. For the server history, see the article on FFS Wiki.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.