Mijans at the Hub

Mijans is a Minecraft user. He joined the server on June 11 2011 together with his brother Synrise. Mijans is a member of Mushie Village and the community leader of New Welkin.

Mijans and Synrise wanted to start a little town in the Old World. They used the portal of another community for fast-travel. The portal they used was the portal of the community Welkin by Umjammersully. The towns where good neighbors so Umjammersully made a home in the town and Mijans made a home in Welkin. Umjammersully was thinking of making a new community when the server changed to a new world. He wanted it to become the same as Welkin but with the concept of the little town of Mijans and Synrise. Umjammersully stayed offline for a long time, so Mijans decided to start the community himself and called it New Welkin in memory of the old Welkin Community.

His skin is based on a pilot, although he is a pilot and he likes making biplanes he is afraid of heights.

Mijans is also called PEEJANS among the turbos. This name was given when dragriff found out that 'mijans' sounds like 'pigeons'. some time later his brother synrise made it into PEEJANS.

Every time Mijans does something silly or dies on the Minecraft server, turbos say: 'silly Peejans'

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