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"Out of all things, through theory, historical explanation and as scientific as it may be, some concepts in this world are beyond the understanding of mortals. It in these great mysteries they see order within chaos, and from that, bring forth false truths." - Lasciel


Lasciel’s Lampadephore puts players in the shoes of Markus Flume, a seasonal Minecraft adventurer turned investigator. The always confrontational Flume has accepted a case to track down Eric Bradley, an employee of Lasciel’s Lampadephore, who has failed to return home after an extended “executive conference”. Flume must now rescue Eric, while navigating countless dangers, uncovering mysteries, and avoiding murderous enemies while still remembering to pay the rent! Hey, who said Minecraft was free?


Starting from HUB take the ground portal to the Palace of The New Sun in Empyrean, and then proceed to the Architect Station subway line located just behind the palace. Ride the train to "Lampadephore Station" then disembark. Start the game by opening the flaming chest located adjacent to the stairs. Enjoy.


  • Do not break/place blocks
  • Do not free villagers or animals
  • Do not break/place/burn objects (i.e. Redstone, Buttons, Levers, Signs, Torches, etc.)
  • Do not put out fire
  • Do not use any mods
  • Do not open dispensers
  • Don't remove books
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