Keroan (Not to be confused with Korean) is a member of the Minecraft Awesome Community. Nicknamed Kero for short.


Keroan aka Green Kero

Keroan is one of the more notable members of The Edge community. She is widely considered, to be one of the more welcoming and supporting users of the server, and demonstrates great kindness.

Her minecraft skin is a personal twist on Green Arrow, thus dubbing her the nick name of Green Kero.

She is most famous of building artistic structures as showcased on her art island named Isle D’art. The goal of this island is to replicate ancient and modern art, sculptures and music.

2012-09-27 18.29.58

Monet's waterlillys remade in Minecraft.

Keroan and Radyin are two of the most noteworthy users found on this island, as they have great demonstrations of artistic talent in their structures.

Radyin and Keroan also work as a team during the build challenges. Keroan herself led and coordinated the very famous build of Starry Night of the Sky Build.

Keroan is a well decorated medalist at the Minecraft Awesome Olympics. She won a total of 3 medals, two gold medals, one for Relay and one for Basketball and one silver medal for Hurdles.

On a more personal note, Keroan sang the anthem for Oasis during the Minecraft Awesome Olympics.

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