Karamelgiraf (Also known as DK) is a very famous member of the minecraft awesome community. She is one of the most notable members of The Edge Community. She is also one of the most recognized and loved Turbos on the minecraft server in general, and is part of number of communities, the main one being Edge . The other communities she is part of: Still Random, Neo Japan, New Welkin, North Pole and Geekville.


Karamelgiraf in front of her Yoshi egg.

Karamelgirafs minecraft skin is of a Yoshi. As with her skin, her Edge house continues to demonstrate her love of Yoshi, by being a Yoshi egg. This does not make her any less of a female turbo though. No matter what Fraser said.

Her helpfulness is heavily demonstrated in the build challenges themselves. In Sky Build her name appears on numerous builds, including Cloudsdale, Skyland Castle, Kamis lookout (credited as DkSigne), Angel Island, Jack and the Beanstalk, Gorillaz Islandand Skyloft. But she helped on 10 builds in total. She only did this, to get Fraser to say her name, which he failed horribly at.

In Olympics she built the boating(Boatin') course with Otakudan1988. Karamelgiraf and Acevil was also co-leaders on the Survival Arena. She was also a competitor in archery, but suffered a game breaking glitch, that took away her arrows, even though she could still see them. She was also a last minute addition to the soccer game (you can see SilentWindODoom teleporting her to the field, this was not scripted). Playing as a member of Aperture.


Karamelgiraf and Segwo at the MC Olympics.

Other then that, she was the princess to be rescued in Gauntlet. Fraser completely overlooked this fact though.

Karamelgiraf was minecraft married to neoetm12. The divorce was mutual, as they both have grown out of the relationship they had. Karamelgiraf got full custody of Hamilton6787, although neoetm12 gets him on weekends.

Karamelgiraf is currently engaged to Keroan, but the actual wedding has been postponed indefinately.

She is one of the main writers of the Wiki pages, you might just be reading.

Karamelgiraf has also started a series on her youtube channel where she tours the server with her comrade Segwo. Episode 1 can be seen here.

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