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Date Unknown


Haldrie (formally sammy7s7)


(x=-14250, y=+64, z=+10415)



GTFO is an area of the map that has been flattened out for easy building. It currently holds the former owner's (sammy7s7) house and pool as well as a decent sized villager marketplace and breeding center. Under the portal are also several floors dedicated to crop farms. GTFO's main feature comes from the giant mycelium pyramid still under construction some distance from the portal itself.

New OwnershipEdit

GTFO used to be owned by sammy7s7 for some time before he one day posted in the official VideoGamesAwesome forums that he was giving away GTFO to anyone he felt worthy of it [1]. Upon hearing this a few people posted in the forums about their interest in the area including Haldrie who ended up getting ownership of GTFO only a few days later with only a few restrictions givent to him by sammy7s7. Don't destroy or alter the house and pool and don't destroy the Villager area. While Haldrie got ownership of GTFO he did not however, get any of sammy7s7's mined ore or other items as sammy7s7 had recenly burned them all in his fireplace with the exception of some select items which he put in item frames on the second floor. The reason for why he did this is still unclear but Haldrie has been doing his best to build up new supplies in GTFO without relying too much on the old supplies he still has on his island.

Future PlansEdit

Haldrie's plans for GTFO are still unclear but he currently is working on his own house accross from Sammy7s7's and has plans to make a new animal breeding area as well as a multi colored sheep pen (currently there are just small pens with a handful of animals in them an donly four white sheep). While asked not to mess with the Villager area Haldrie does want to see if it's possible to improve it without too much effort. Haldrie also has concerns about the breeder being a lag risk to the server but so far has not noticed any lag issues and no one has commented about any added lag while Haldrie is in GTFO. Other plans include finishing the mycelium pyramid that Sammy7s7 started as well as working on a new name for the community.

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