Gryph as Rebel Sorceress.

Darkgryphon42 is one of the leaders of Renimar and the honorary Pirate Queen of Tortuga. She is the diplomat of Renimar and is pleased to be on good terms with multiple communities such as Psephopolis, The Edge, B.E.N. City, Shiro, Sigma HQ, and others. Her Rebel Sorceress skin is based on a character from a story she wrote years ago, her Pirate Queen skin is based on what she used to wear when she worked at Rennfests and Faires.

She has participated in build challenges including Renimar's Dwarven Ruins in Adventure Build; Renimar's Fencing Arena and a few events in the Olympics build (she was informed postshow that she did score the bronze medal in Digging!); and randomly helped in other builds including Sky Build. She's currently helping with the Rocky Horror build in one of the 2012 Halloween builds, as well as a few personal builds in Deadville.

Gryph as Pirate Queen.

Halloween Party build 2012

She also builds things off of build challenges, being rather partial to towers and other builds with nice views. ^^ In Renimar she built the mage tower, Gryphon's Nest Inn, her own odd house, and the Inn of the Last Home. She did the building and landscaping in the Enchanted Forest including small builds like the woodcutter's cottage, and the paths leading out towards her Rebel Sorceress Tower which has since been combined with Dehietyi's castle into a massive joint build. Gryph also has done extensive work in two npc villages near Renimar and helped with various community team builds like the jousting arena. She really ought to completely update this with something actually interesting and maybe pics sometime soon. Or maybe let other people talk about her as that could be entertaining as long as ever

Early pic of mage tower #1

Part of Enchanted Forest; Renimar

Inn of the Last Home

yone plays nice. ;)

Mage Tower #1, later pic

Tower of the Rebel Sorceress

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