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Capri And Tech Games Welcome Center


It’s a community build with a few members of the server.

So, Techgalxy and Capriccio have decided to start a collaberation community project that we like to call “Tech & Capri Games”.

So here’s the Idea: Members of Carpriccio and Techgalxy will work toghether to create multiple little event’s games, These can be stuff like spleef or archery. Once we’re done making the events we’ll decide on a date where we will play these with anyone on the server that want’s to join.

Techgalxy GamesEdit

Ladder King by goodhardlife-

Is racing on the ground to simple for you? Then Climb aboard (Pun intended) and be the first to make it to the top of a maze of: ladders, spider webs, trapdoors and other competitors who are a bit punch happy.

Build It by yo4you-


Laser Tag by TheConvictor-

If a version of this laser tag was real then it would be way scarier. No playful colored lights here! Work in a group and “TAG” your opposing team with pointy, hurtful arrows. Last team left alive win!

Pig Racing by SarahJD-

Pick the best looking “Steed” and race to the finish line. Yeah we have horses, but be honest. If you were invited to a pig race, you would go in a heart beat

Basketball by pacduck-


Air Joust by goodhardlife-

Only a madman could think this up. Get blown sky high and try to hit your opponent in the open air. Nothing more fun than watching a fight in midair caused by TNT.

Capriccio GamesEdit

Dirt Hopper by SpadeOrtiz-

Ever heard of this game? Yeah, neither have we. Hop off dirt blocks to make it to the end of the course without falling off and looking like a fool.

Polar Rush by Compsiteman-

One Step Ahead by Varmun

Mexican stand-offs by Hylian

Hop Till you Drop by SpadeOrtiz & Varmun

Think with Hoppers by theawkwardalex

Mine Not Craft! By Sypran -

Each player is given a Stone pickaxe with exactly 64 uses. Contestants mine downwards to the finish line collecting stone, iron, and other resources for points. Players can not mine above their head, or jump. If a player's pickaxe breaks before they can make it to the finish line, points are deducted. The game ends when every player cannot mine anymore (from  their pickaxe breaking, or reaching the finish line)

Joint Community GamesEdit

Archery by SolticeFire & yo4you

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