Arcalius is a member of the Minecraft Awesome Community. He is often referred to as Arc. He is one of the more notable members of The Edge, and arguably one of the best builders in this community.

Arcalius is most famously known for building huge skyscrapers or large structures. In The Edge, his most prominent works include the Arc Dome , the Starc Tower and the Edgeservation Tower (lovingly nicknamed "Lag Tower").

Arcalius is one of the most reasonable persons in The Edge , and gets along with everyone.


Arcalius before build challenge in MC Olympics. (Photo by Keroan)

Arcalius was a competitor in the Minecraft Olympics . He competed in Survival, Building, Spleefand Parkour.

Arc furthermore has his own individual build site, called the BK Bridge (The true name is Urbis). This build site is going to be a collection, of some of the most iconic and impressive city structures of the world, from the industrial

BK bridge (Brooklyn Bridge remake) by Arcalius. (Photo by Keroan)

revolution to modern day era. Currently the site shows the huge 1 to 1 remake of Brooklyn bridge.

Arc is one of the members of a new build team called Razor’s Edge , which consists of himself, Nimyanna and Acevil . Arc is generally seen as the coordinator of the Razor’s Edge builds. This team has made Zeal in Skybuild and Spleef Arena in Olympics.

Arc is also leader of a smaller community called Lambda, which was a community he started with Nimyanna, when they first joined the server.

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