ajf321 Is a member of the Minecraft Awesome! Server who joined in September 2012, and goes under the

2012-11-02 16.09.26

Ajf321 in front of his house

name of "Nepity" in the forum, Turbo Chat, and Shadow Chat. He lives in The Edge on Pinkie Road. He built in the Halloween 2012 build, and is generally known to be Oblivious and obnoxious.

Build ChallengesEdit

In the Minecraft Halloween 2012 build, He built the "Guy Who Eats You" Build, as well as the "Herobrine Hut", And Dressed up in a Herobrine skin for his first apperance, then for the second Halloween Build show which aired a week later he built 70 Mystery Lane as part of the "Scooby Doo! Curse of the Pumpkin Pirate" Build with some decoration help from 9Craft. He also played the role of the villager who lives there, In his normal skin. In the Nintendo Land Build, he made the Yoshi-Go-Round in the Yoshi Playground, based on the one from Super Mario Sunshine in Pinna Park. He played the role of the orange Yoshi that went missing, and he used an Orange Yoshi skin.

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